Who We Are

The Live Well Collaborative – Singapore (LWC-S) is dedicated to leveraging consumer insights to revolutionise product design and development for consumers in Asia through in-depth user research across all ages.

Established in Singapore by the Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) in 2010, LWC-S extends the Live Well Collaborative in Cincinnati (LWC-C), a pioneering business-academia partnership model created by P&G and the University of Cincinnati. This model is rooted in P&G’s Connect+Develop (C+D) open innovation approach, which fosters the co-creation of products and services with top innovators outside the organisation.

Located at Singapore Polytechnic (SP), LWC-S is the first LWC site in Asia Pacific and the second globally. Sharing a vision to address the aging population in the Asia Pacific region, LWC partnered with SP to establish LWC-S in Singapore, home to a significant number of silver agers.

Our Two

Unique Disciplines

LWC-S works with industry leaders, experts in the fields of architecture, environment, design, engineering, business, life sciences, aeronautical, digital media, information communication, marine and utilise a host of young creative talent, bringing in the external perspective.

Consumer-based Product Research

Consumer-based product research that combines anthropologic and psychological tools to provide a deep understanding of consumers’ unarticulated needs. The insights gained from this deep dive research are used to identify the strongest product and service concepts for further work.

Design Thinking Principles

Design Thinking Principles that convert strategy and consumer insights into actionable products and services that meet user needs and adapt to user behaviours.

Our Process Model

Phase 0

Before the project

The planning stage of a project - identification of the problem space, and the project sponsor collaborates with the Live Well on crafting the project scope.

Phase 1 – 3

Studio Weeks

The multi-disciplinary design-led research team focuses on understanding current context and discovering trends relevant to the topic, translating these research insights to concept ideas. The team then tests and refines concpets to meet the needs of the project sponsor.

Phase 4

Next Steps

Discuss possible future opportunities regarding the project results for the project sponsor and Live Well.

Our Team

Our Board

Our Partners
Become A Partner
Types Of Membership
Accessible Insights & Opportunities

LWC-S is a sustainable, non-profit business model where revenue is generated from memberships and studio fees of commissioned research from member companies. There are three types of memberships for multi-national and large companies, enterprises and educational and research institutions. There is also a global membership where MNCs that belong to both the Live Well Collaborative-Cincinnati and LWC-S have access to do projects at both sites. Procter & Gamble and Boeing are LWC-S first global members.

Corporate members will have access to innovative insights from faculty and students who see the consumer opportunities with fresh eyes and unbiased perspectives to develop creative solutions. SP students from the various disciplines – aeronautical, architecture, business, design, digital media, engineering, environment, information communication, life sciences and marine, will work together with industry leaders. They will conceptualise and design differentiated products and services for the 50+ population to meet local and global demand. This will enhance Singapore’s and SP’s competitiveness and reputation as a global innovation centre in Asia.

Accessible Insights & Opportunities 2
  1. Regular Members (MNCs) (annual membership fees required)
    Appointment to BOD, exclusive access to LWC website, free attendance & participation at LWC organised conferences/ forums
  2. Associate Members (annual membership fees required)
    Exclusive access to LWC website, special rates for attendance at LWC organised conferences/ forums
  3. Educational & Research Institution Members (ERI) (no fees)
    Access to LWC website, special rates for attendance at LWC organised conferences/ forums.
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